Why Ousmane Dembele Might Not be The Right Replacement for Neymar Jr

When I first heard about the Neymar transfer news, I instantly dismissed it as baseless and unfounded rumour. Three weeks later, it became a reality. I was disgusted with the ridiculous amount of money involved in the transfer and its dangerous repercussions on the beautiful game of football and society Read the full gist

Scientific Proof that Lionel Messi is the Best Dribbler in the World

Bias aside, I think Lionel Messi has been scientifically destined to be the greatest dribbler in football. I imagine many Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazil fans are already taking to their keyboards to protest, citing Garrincha, Ronaldinho and Pele. But looking at the smaller and lighter frame of the Argentine, it’s Read the full gist