Six Players Publicly Criticised By Jose Mourinho – and How They Responded

Jose Mourinho is not afraid to criticise a player publicly if he feels it is needed – but he’s had mixed results doing so at Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid.   Mourinho has long used psychology as a way to inspire a reaction from his players – or put Read the full gist

Hazard Contract Enters weekly Emergency Meeting

Sarri says Hazard is considering an offer from Chelsea, rumoured to be worth up to £350,000 per week. Sarri on Hazard – “The club is available to sign a new contracti immediately but it’s up to him if he wants to renew or not.” “I want Eden here, of course, Read the full gist

Liverpool WhatsApp Savage moment

Liverpool WhatsApp Savage moment   1991 :this year is our year 1992 :this year is our year 1993 :this year is our year 1994 :this year is our year 1995 :this year is our year 1995 :this year is our year 1996 :this year is our year 1997 :this year Read the full gist